The Future of Marketing Revealed Today at Inbound 2016

Nick Miles

Did you catch the amazing Keynote Speech from Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah at INBOUND 2016 today on the future of marketing? They were truly awe inspiring.


As HubSpot reaches its 10 year anniversary, and a new milestone of 18,000+ attendees at INBOUND, the inbound movement is growing stronger than ever. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah gave an insightful look at how the landscape of marketing, sales, and connecting with customers has changed over the past 10 years, and some predictions about what the next 10 years might hold. These keynotes set the tone for the rest of the Inbound 2016 conference.

Dharmesh Shah’s keynote was particularly interesting. He shared with us some of the mind blowing technology advances that HubSpot Labs is working on right now and the new opportunities that they are creating for marketeers.

He related that about 10 years ago we were building websites to now we are building bots that will run those websites and help us marketers do our jobs better from behind the scenes.

He explained how he is developing a bot that you can use from a messaging app like Facebook messenger that will act like a digital marketing assistant. You can ask it anything and it will come back to you with an answer,  similar to Siri, Alexa or Cortana only specifically designed to address the questions that modern marketers have.

He discussed how AI is getting less and less artificial and more and more intelligent. You will be able to ask this bot to do a search for a list of SMBs in a certain city, for example, and it will immediately get back to you with a list that includes contact details and phone numbers, etc. and then it will enter the list into your CRM system for you without your having to lift a finger.

It will keep your calendar for you and ask you how your meeting went, prompting you to type up the details that it will enter into your CRM system.

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the digital transformation of the enterprise and this talk showed us what that will look like in the marketing and sales departments. Some fear that these bots will take our jobs away from us. Recent elections have been won and lost over these issues all around the world. We agree with Dharmesh that these bots are designed to complement human workers.

They are particularly good at rules-based and repetitive work, helping us to scale our businesses and be more productive than ever before. Adoption of this technology will be essential to helping any company stay competitive. Like the rest of HubSpot’s offerings, users will be able to use this service as a part of their software-as-a-service offering without investing in a costly outsourcing or IT project.

It will also help companies gain unprecedented customer intimacy, while reducing operational costs and delays.

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