What is Marketing Data Integrity Management?

Adam Miller

In marketing, people constantly try to sell you on catchy terms. Terms meant to confuse you. Terms meant to sell you on an idea you probably don’t understand. We’re not those people. So, if you’re not quite sure what Marketing Data Integrity Management is, we know you’re not alone, and that’s OK. We’re not here to sell you jargon or marketing slogans; we’re here to help you better understand how to better manage your data, and how your business can benefit from it. It’s that simple.

Marketing Data Integrity Management is the process of maintaining and ensuring the accuracy and consistency of marketing account and contact data over it’s entire life cycle. Bad data is useless, and old data is, well…bad data. So why take the risk of losing hours of valuable time, and scores of valuable contacts and data points? You don’t have to, and believe me, there’s a better way.

Breaking down the basics of Marketing Data Integrity Management

Let’s break it down like this. In marketing, for pretty much any business, you gather an unbelievable amount of data and account information over time. You need it. Your sales team needs it. Your marketing team needs it. Your bottom line depends on it. The problem is, with so many variables and so many data points coming in at the same time, keeping your information organized, and up to date can be a huge challenge. The integrity of all of this data relies on constant monitoring, updating, and qualifying. It needs a human touch too. Your customers aren’t numbers, they’re people. And no matter how good an algorithm is, it will never understand that. You understand that. They understand that. And more importantly, we understand that.

Bad, damaged, or out-of-date data is garbage, so why even risk keeping it in your pipeline?

If your refrigerator is full, that’s a good sign. If your refrigerator is full of spoiled, rotten food, it’s useless. That’s the way you need to think of bad data. Simply collecting information and storing it away doesn’t work. You need to make sure it’s constantly checked for quality, managed for effectiveness, and tossed when it’s expired, so to speak. According to our internal data studies, we’ve found that 30% of all B2B company and contact data goes bad in less than a year. That’s nearly one in three collected data sets. That means that on average, one out of every three hours of work spent on building your valuable data is completely wasted within the year, if it’s not taken care of properly. There’s no business model where that makes sense, which means there’s no way that makes sense to your business.

But wait, it gets worse…

According to a study by Sirius Decisions, more than half of marketers peg “lack of data quality/completeness” as their most challenging obstacle to success. Even worse, as much as 80% of surveyed marketers claim that their phone contact records could be classified as “risky.” That’s right, practically your entire phone database for marketing, if not managed for integrity, has a good chance of being utterly useless. Is that worth the risk? Not to us, and it certainly shouldn’t be to you.

Solving the bad data conundrum with Marketing Data Integrity Management

Reaching out to people in an effective way is all about understanding them. Again, you’re dealing with human beings, not numbers, which means that anything less than a human touch is selling yourself short. You want to empathize with your customers, and your potential customers. Understanding who they are, what they need, and how you can fulfill that need is not only important, it’s imperative. Marketing Data Integrity Management isn’t just about data. It’s about the human connection, the shared human experience, and reaching out on a real level.

We are all real people with real needs, so why not treat who we market to as such? Your data is important. Your data helps move your business in the direction you want it to go. It’s time to take care of it. It’s time to do a better job of managing it. When it comes to Marketing Data Integrity Management, we’re not riding a trend, we’re creating one. Join us.

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What is Marketing Data Integrity Management?