Behind Every High Growth Company, There is Good Data Management

Jacqueline Davis

Why do high-growth companies tend to have a better grasp on modern business trends, or quickly adopt the latest sales strategies, or even take the risks to leverage innovative marketing?  There are some common trends among them; one significantly important…

Organic Data Acquisition

Jacqueline Davis

Today’s marketer must be smart and savvy to connect with right audience.  Buzz words like predictive, programmatic, experiential, and big data are on every marketers mind when building an engagement strategy slated to deliver X amount of opportunities.  So, how…

Getting Data Right the First Time

Jacqueline Davis

When I think about marketing data it can be overwhelming at times.  I mean – what and how do you tackle such a beast to ensure that you have the right database the first time round when engaging with a…

Prioritizing Your Data Optimization for Long Term Success

Jacqueline Davis

So many times have I seen precious marketing and sales contacts sitting in spreadsheets, on personal devices, or worse yet with external vendors. Your contact data is the intellectual property that both marketing and sales covet.  It is the foundation…

Data Strategy – Not a 1-Size Fits All

Jacqueline Davis

Everyone in marketing who is focused on personalizing the engagement is keenly interested in how to get, maintain, and optimize contact data – but are not always bought into the processes or costs associated. Why?  Why are we so gun-shy…

Educating the Educated – The Importance of Data Integrity

Jacqueline Davis

I have a solid educational background that supports my professional career quite nicely.  I have been lucky to have known early on that marketing was a passion of mine and it was where I wanted to spend my “earning years”. …

Is Big Data Just a Dream? One Leading Marketer Shares Her Journey

Jacqueline Davis

Big Data is a term used in almost every company these days but what does it really mean? I think it means different things to different people.  As a marketer it means having the ability to learn more about your…

Pressing Pause on Automation: Why the human touch goes further in the age of Alexa

Adam Miller

In a world full of Siri, Alexa, and the ever present hum of hardware telling us everything will be ok, pressing pause on automation may be the parachute that saves you from falling off the cliff of sanity. Bots and…

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation: What you need to know for your next e-mail campaign

Nick Miles

If you’re sending out regular e-mail marketing campaigns, then you’re bound to be familiar with the US Regulations CAN-SPAM Act. If you’re also reaching out to people in Canada, you need to know about their own Anti-Spam Legislation or CASL….